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new at the company 11.22

Can you even believe it will be Thanksgiving next week? So much to do, so little time! I know I haven't had much for you lately, but I wanted to put together a little Thankful kit for you to scrapbook your family moments with.


by {claudia harvey}

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DSD p&co blog hop

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ummmm, hello! yes, you can say it... it's FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! so lucky I get to create with THE BEST designers around... & lucky you to get this kit for free :) {you'll get more on that soon} but first...

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I use the Rhonna Designs app most every day to write on photos, add graphics, make up quotes. It's like mini photoshop for me. Pic Tap Go is basically high quality filters for your phone photos. You can layer them, control the intensity, another type of mini photoshop. {can you see a trend here?} The Studio app is one I just found last week. It's free & has sooo many cool things in it. You can use the ready made word art, or make your own & I'm sure so much more I haven't figured out yet. It works in layers, again, like photoshop. I'm in love already. Do you have some favorite creative apps for your phone? I'm always interested in new cool things like that!

ok, now. here's the deal-i-o...

want to know what's happening at P&Co for DSD this year? here's the lowdown...

now... if you want to get the collab Piccadilly for FREE, here's what you'll need

my letter is...

here's the order of posts just in case you got lost along the way...


Simply Tiffany Studios

Deena Rutter

Laura Passage

Scotty Girl Design

Jennifer Valencia Photography

Sabrina’s Creations

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs


Robyn Meierotto<<<that's me!


Dawn by Design

Celeste Knight

Karla Dudley

Wild Blueberry Ink

Mye De Leon

Audacious Designs

Anita Designs

Ya Yeah Designs

Gennifer Bursett

make sure you go to Mommyish's blog next!

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xo Robyn



Today starts my featured designer week at Pixels & Company! Want to know a little more about me? Check out the Inside the Studio feature on the P&Co blog today.


that means... 25% off my ENTIRE STORE from today {Sept 27th} to Thursday {Oct 3rd}. I'll be popping into my Facebook page through the week as well to post about a few freebies. Tomorrow, Saturday, September 28th, I'll be in the chat room & I'll be issuing a layout challenge! So come on by at 1pm MST {2pm Central} for some convo, a freebie & a digi challenge. It should be fun!

Also if you buy $10 or more in the shop through my featured week, you'll get this little gem... for FREE!


I also had a few smaller kits releasing today...

now, check out some amazing inspiration from my Creatives & the P&Co creative team!

first off these incredible hybrid items by {kate christensen} using Fallish

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快帆安卓版-快帆安卓版软件预约 v1.1-游人手游网:2021-11-14 · 手机加速 更多> 手机加速app可伍给手机的系统进行扫描优化,清理垃圾,加快速度等等一些作用,对于手机来说是一款必不可少的软件,这里给大家带来了很不错的手机加速app,清理完手机过后你会发现你的手机真的快了不少,非常的有用,而且一键点击,既方便又快捷,喜欢的用户下载试试吧!

So come on over to P&Co this week & check out my sale! I'd love to see your work in the gallery & have you in on the chat & challenge Saturday too!




wow. it's been a whirlwind few weeks. I'm sure you're all busy with kid's school stuff & activities as we are. Although I'm already missing summer, the pool & laziness,  I'm kinda looking forward to some good days cooped up all warm & cozy at home watching movies {we're making up our list right now}. That's where my inspiration for my newest kit came from...




by {jennifer hignite}

go check out this & all the new releases today at Pixels & Company! All 30% off through the weekend!

& just a heads up about this little kit I released last Friday, but didn't have the opportunity to tell you about. New Snippets Mama Said. I'm sure all you moms can relate....





I'm a day late... but you have to check out this month's Company Stash at Pixels & Co. So many great kits to build your stash & we even have a few guest designers in the mix too! Seriously awesome. They're all 30% off through Sept. 5th. Here's what I have for you...



by {kelly mobley}


by {becca dickson}

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